Italiana_Palazzo Reale _Mico

ITALIANA. Italy as seen from fashion 1971-2001

1971-2001. The great Made in Italy season is on display in Milan thanks to an exhibition and a book that celebrate the Italian fashion system and style highlighting its progressive affirmation and the cultural landescape: “Italiana: Italy Seen from Fashion: 1971-2001″.

For “Italiana: Italy Seen from Fashion: 1971-2001”, dresses, contemporary art, fashion and design objects, photographs, magazines, sketches give life to a sophisticated design landscape in an imaginative and rigorous creative kaleidoscope.

The Made in Italy season created an extraordinary time of relationships and exchanges between the exponents of that Italian generation of artists, architects, designers and intellectuals who set the routes of international culture. That is perfectly rapresented in the exhib at Palazzo Reale (open until 6 May 2018).

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