Data: Lombardy attracts tourists especially in Summer

ATR Milano Association – hoteliers association part of Confesercenti- presented some interesting data on tourist flows in Lombardy.

Research shows Lombardy attracts tourists especially in summer: July 2016 was the month with the most tourist arrivals (1,779,932), followed by September and August.
January and December are the less prosperous months (both below the million arrivals)

Tourist flows with foreign component is ever-increasing: in 2016 foreigners accounted for 54.3% of arrivals (+ 14.8% over 2014) and 59.9% of attendance (+ 13.3% compared to 2014), exceeding for the first time the number of Italian tourists.

The nationalities of arrivals, on the other hand, see France first, followed by China, the US and Germany.

Finally, with regards to the type of accommodation, 75.2% of the overnight stays is in hotel, but the use of extra hotel accommodation is constantly increasing, especially among foreigners.

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