Milan is among the top destinations worldwide

With 7.6 million visitors, and a turnover of 4.1 billion Euros in 2016, Milan reaches the Olympus of the top destinations worldwide.

According to the Metropolitan Observatory data processed by MasterCard – Milan, Milan would be the first Italian tourist destination, the sixth destination in Europe, and 14th in the world.

Not just business and fashion, thus: according to research, foreign tourists choose Milan as a city of art and culture, and preferably staying in luxury hotels. The 72.8 percent of international visitors (especially from France, USA and China) choose it as leisure destination, compared with 27.2 per cent attracted by the business.

The turism from abroad is a growing (+ 1.8% compared to the last year) and the 70% of visitors staying at the hotel at 4 and 5 stars, placing Milan on the third step of the podium the cities where foreigners like to spend.

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