Milan perfect place for cultural weekend thanks to Durer Exhibition

In the guide to the biggest art exhibitions this spring, The Suday Times mentions Milan. According to the newspaper our city is one of the best places for cultural weekends with Amsterdam, New York, Paris, Vienna and Munich, thanks its offer in exhibitions. In particular thanks to the exhibition dedicated to Albrecht Durer and the German Renaissance opened at Milan’s Palazzo Reale through June 24, the Sunday Times  highlites.

It took three years to prepare the show on Albrecht Durer and the German Renaissance on display at Palazzo Reale through June 24.

Featuring a selection including 12 paintings, three watercolors and 60 engravings, graphic works and books, the exhibition shows the mutual impact of Italian and German art in the 16th century. It displays the works by the Nuremberg master alongside those of contemporaries such as Lucas Cranach, Albrecht Altdorfer and Hans Baldung Grien in Germany; and Giorgione, Andrea Mantegna, Leonardo da Vinci, Andrea Solario, Giovanni Bellini and Titian in Italy. The painting chosen by curators as the symbol of the exhibit ‘Durer and the Renaissance between Germany and Italy’ is the Portrait of a Young Venetian Woman on loan from Vienna’s Kunsthistoriches Museum – a masterwork highlighting the strong bond connecting German and northern Italian art.

Promoted and produced by Milan city council’s culture department, Palazzo Reale and 24 Ore Cultura, the exhibit will also be open on Easter Sunday and Monday, April 25 and May 1.

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