MyLED app changes MiCo’s and Piazza Castello’s lighting

A collaboration between Milan City Council, Triennale, Nevicata14, A2A and Philips to design  multiple use urban areas the during  the International Year of Light.

Piazza Castello, one of the main piazzas in Milan, is bein redesigned to provide access to tourists and citizens alike and make the most of the city.

Thanks to the collaboration between Milan City Council, Triennale and Nevicata14, aimed at improving the city, the new Piazza Castello becomes an open air laboratory. As well as open areas and facilities to use there are also activities and workshops to visualise the future of Milan’s public paces.

A2A e Philips contributed to the project by creating the MyLED App which visitors can use to manage the lighting of the piazza, choosing amongst multiple options and making it a people friendly”, by creating personalised light areas. The new application will also be used to bring to life MiCo’s Comet, a spectacular structure designed by the architect Mario Bellini, which dominates the Congress Centre.

The MyLED App will change MiCo’s scenographic light through a system of led lighting which can change the  shape and colours of  8 thousand sqm of aluminium rays, creating a sinuous and luminescent contrail which embraces the whole structure.

More info on newscenter.philips.com

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