Quality of living: Milan beats New York

Vienna again tops the list of world cities in quality of life, ahead of Zurich, Switzerland and Auckland, New Zealand, according to Mercer’s 2016 survey analyzing 230 cities all over the world.

The consultancy found that Paris, on the other hand, takes a nosedive due to the recent terrorist attacks. The French capital lost as many as 10 positions, going from 27th to 37th.

Milan ranks ahead of New York.

Mercer compared a portion (230) of the over 440 world cities that make up its “Quality of Living” database, on the basis of 10 parameters.

Looking at Italian cities, Milan maintains its 41st place, ahead of Chicago and New York, whilst Rome slips down one position, going from 52nd to 53rd. By comparison with Milan, Italy’s capital is penalized by petty crime rates.

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