Bansky Visual Project

“The Art of Banksy. A visual protest” at Mudec

The MUDEC – Museo delle Culture in Milan inaugurate for the first time a solo exhibition of the Banksy’s work. “The Art of Banksy. A visual protest” (curated by Gianni Mercurio), unites under one roof for the first time more than 70 works, including paintings, sculptures and prints by the artist, and accompanied by objects, photographs and video, to take a retrospective look at the work and philosophy of Banksy.

Banksy – the British artist and writer whose identity is still unknown- is considered one of the leading exponents of contemporary street art and he’s one of the best-loved artists among the younger generations.

Various exhibitions of Banksy’s work have taken place in art galleries, but until now no public museum has ever dedicated to the artist a solo exhibition.

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