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Top 5 EU Cities for conferences: N° 1 is Milan!

First position for Milan in the list of “5 Europe’s best up-and-coming cities for international conferences“published on CMW, Conference & Meeting word magazine, thanks to its cultural and innovative appeal and its conference venues, like MICO and Stella Polare.

The article by Simon Colley, CT Business Travel in fact describes Milan not only as a beautiful city at the height of style and culture, but also as Italy’s most business-driven city “well accustomed to hosting large scale exhibitions and trade shows” able to offer stunning backdrops in the form of iconic exhibition and conference venues.

Milan is followed in the list “top 5” by Birmingham, Vienna, Berlin, Barcelona. 

Read the full article: http://www.c-mw.net/top-5-european-cities-international-conferences/

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