5 Instagram tips for hotels
Instagram is probably the best tool among all the social networks out there when it comes to the promotion of a hotel and its mood. Pictures are in fact the easiest and fastest way to engage the audience and above all a specific and potential client. Nonetheless a wrong picture or capture could generate the so-called epic fail: everyone is stalking about your hotel or services but for all the wrong reasons. So if you do not want to find yourself in a bad position remember to follow these five simple rules for the perfect Instagram post!
Be honest
If the pool of your hotel is not as large as the one of Seaworld in San Diego…just say it! Do not post a pic that gives the idea of something that is not. A nice picture of the pool with a caption that says the sizes of it will be more than enough.
Show the “behind the scenes”
We have all seen the pictures of the perfectly decorated newest suite of your hotel. What we do not get that much to see is what happens before that. Who decorated that room? Who chose the furniture and the bedsheets? Who cleans that room? Let your audience know that there is a whole team of professionals working at that specific facility.
Food is good…always!
A picture of your catering services is always a good idea. Food is always a trend on Instagram! Do not use filters, just make the effort to shoot a nice picture.
Hashtags are needed but not too many
Hashtags are the key elements to your online success but remember not to overuse them. Choose the relevant ones of your hotel and maybe a couple to contextualize the picture. Less is more!
No prices on Instagram
Do not use Instagram to communicate special offers, It is just not the right place where to do it! Tease your audience, invite them to visit your website and show them your special offer on it.