Smart Cities: Milan is a winning project
Smart Cities: Milan is a winning project
Smart cities, connected or, as we say nowadays, hyper-connected cities. This is the future, but for Milan, this is already the reality: people who come and go, work, study and live here, experience it every day. Just few days have passed since the assignment of the Winter Olympic Games 2026 to Milan and Cortina; however, in the city we already can breathe the –very typical Milanese- air of “getting immediately down to work”.
Milan is a smart city thanks to its special networks. Physically - since it is one of the most wired cities in the world - socially and culturally. Now also sportingly. In an era that considers globalization a problem of cultural integration, Milan faces this obstacle drawing on its industrial, academic and research culture. And, when it presents a project that unites, it wins.
Smart cities are a way to look to the future, to respect appointments, as the one of 2026. In order to grow, it is necessary to draw on the “healthy” forces of the city, such as big universities - seven in the Milanese territory. The acknowledgement of Politecnico di Milano, breeding ground of future architects and designers, as one the most prestigious technical universities in the world, is definitely no coincidence.
To outline the growth of smart cities, we need to invest in development, innovation and improvement processes. Processes in which technology is the main instrument, which will see in seven years billions of people connected every day to watch the Olympic Games live and millions of foreigners reaching Italy for work and leisure time.
Milan: you come for work, you come back as tourist
Milan knows how to re-invent itself, to re-design its future. Its strength is also in the network created by countless associations that link small businesses and big companies together. The exchange of information, ideas and experiences is continuous. And it is the information that re-shapes the reality in this new “data culture”, both from a productive and a commercial point of view.
The communication of data, information, and news is the new catalyst that brings thousands of companies to meet up in Milan and make it the world capital for media exposure.
Foreign companies find in Milan an “incubator” of ideas and energies in which is possible to participate or draw on, depending on the case, just as easily. Who arrives in Milan for work often comes back as tourist. Proof of it are the data of the city’s records, reached year over year. Last October, the number of tourists increased of 25%, compared to October 2017. The overall data for 2018 marked a + 10% and nearly achieved 8 million presences thanks to the excellent support offered by all facilities, hotels, restaurants and transportation system. And it can –will - still improve.
Smart Cities: the perfect city for business events
Therefore, a business event organized in Milan potentially enjoys enormous visibility and, above all, a long-term "memory" effect. The technical infrastructure, the ease of transport to reach every location in the city, even with ecological means, create unique communication networks in Italy. This is why Milan is a constantly evolving lab, a positive innovation amplifier. The Olympic Milan will be a city that will recycle 100% of the unused food and of urban waste produced, as you can see from the project that can be downloaded here. Milan will be an even greener city, a value increasingly sought after by the managers of international companies. The 2026 is just around the corner: to design it, let's meet up in Milan!