Summer looks great for MiCo Milano Convention Centre
MiCo Milano Convention Centre will be the main venue of two of the largest conferences out there. In June 2019 the many breakout rooms and exhibition spaces of the MiCo will host the more than 18.000 delegates of the 24th World Congress of Dermatology. Just a few weeks after that another huge event will take the entire city of Milan. The 102nd Annual Convention of the Lions Club will take place at MiCo from the 29th of June to the 9th of July.
These extraordinary results achieved by Milan are the natural outcome of the close relationships between the many players of the city’s tourism system and the local institutions. Relationships which are daily nurtured and developed by Eventing Milan Convention Bureau, the network that gathers the major players of the Milanese MICE industry.
A continuous dedication to its clients and stakeholders is the key element of Eventing Milan Convention Bureau that keeps on growing year by year adding new expertise and know how to its team thanks to a constant exchange with its local partners.
Hotels, DMCs and PCOs, restaurants, third parties and suppliers of the industry join forces every day to deliver the best services following the new trends in terms of innovation and sustainability.
Milan will also be the main stage for some of the most prestigious European and international events like the ESOC 2019 (May); ECVIM – CA (September) and IFSCC 2019 (October).
Moreover the always growing international reputation of the city of Milan has allowed the city’s institutions to forward the candidature for the 2026 Winter Olympics and the whole tourism system has largely contributed to the bidding process of such a prestigious event.