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Ristorante Sadler
The Restaurant Sadler faithfully mirrors in the preparation of the place and in the proposals the interpretation of Italian cuisine by two-star chef from Milan. Elegance and modernity, in fact, are tempered by solid good taste and lightness, but also as hospitality and attention to the customer that belong to the best Italian tradition and today look almost of another era. The "magic" of Claudio Sadler kitchen are validly supported by an vast wine list and selected with a sure hand, with proposals of the best Italian and French wines. The restaurant offers private dining rooms that can accommodate from 6 to 14 people, ideal for important business dinners or candlelight dinners with great attention to the privacy of the guests. The common feature of Claudio Sadler cuisine is the constant search of harmony, simplicity and lightness. A fine balance between fidelity to the traditions of Italian regional cuisine and reinterpretations lighted up by the creativity and artistic sensibility of the chef.
Open evenings only, closed Sunday. Ristorante Sadler Via Ascanio Sforza, 77 - 20141 Milan (MI) - Tel. 0258104451 - email: sadler@sadler.it
Ristorante Sadler
Via Ascanio Sforza, 77
20141 Milano MI
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