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DHS Event Solution
Service type: Audio Video
DHS is a cutting edge technological company consolidated all over the National territory and turns around three main branches between Messina, Rome, and Milan, in order to meet its clients’ needs, in a flexible and fast way.
The company provides a comprehensive and integrated range of technologically advanced and innovative solutions, thus contributing to the success of each event and optimizing the client’s communication strategy.
Three expert teams, working in symbiosis, analyze the clients’ needs, and design solutions especially for them, through different stages.
Project, lighting, design elements, creativity and especially vision skills
Big production is the result of hard work where different equipment and design’s options are analysed
Lighting Design
Lighting is the most fascinating element as it creates the atmosphere during the events, but at the same time it is the most critical one. Lighting design specialists will produce a modern and flexible lighting structure, thus recreating a special setting.
Audio / Visual
The technological field is in rapid evolution and leads to epochal changes
Direction / Post-Production
In order to be able to follow our clients in any venue
Once all the details have been defined, the installation represents the concrete result, where the quality of our technological equipment, always supervised by our specialists, make the event a simple and enjoyable performance for consumers
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