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“Milan is Italy's business hub and crucible of chic” and slowly reveals its many facets to those who look at it: superlative eating, cultural attractions, creativity and design, a major transport hub, state of the art facilities, refined locations and enchanting lake resorts in the surroundings.

Let us be the ones that unravel before your eyes the charms of our captivating city!

Why should you choose us?

Pro-Meet is a boutique Destination Management Company that has been providing excellent service for Italian and International Clients for 30 years.
  • We bring to life your ideas and goals with a program specifically designed for you trying to respect one of our main principles: ecological sustainability.
  • We listen to your needs, we capture, analyze and optimize your global event spend thanks to our long-lasting relationships with local suppliers and by dramatically limiting your times of research.
  • We will be your strategic partner if you wish to rely on local expertise with safety and peace of mind, or even to shake up your traditional event formats and live uncommon experiences.
  • We put our deep knowledge of the destination at your service and we bring to your attention the most specific details and logistics.
  • We are committed to your event, we are not just a booking agent: we deliver each event with passion and responsibility.
And if all the above is not enough… with Pro-Meet you save Italian VAT (currently 10% and 22%)!
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