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Service type: Renting
Milan Open Tour is a company founded in 2015 by STAV and Air Pullman, two important transport companies in Milan and Lombardy for over a century.
With its open-top double-decker buses, Milan Open Tour offers tourists the chance to get to know the most fascinating places in Milan. The buses, whose liveries are representative of the excellences of the city of Milan, are equipped with a roofing and heating system for the upper floor, allowing tourists to appreciate the cityscape regardless of the weather conditions.
The mission of Milan Open Tour, in continuity with the thought of a great Milanese like Alessandro Manzoni, who considered Milaneseness as a philosophy of life inspired by beauty and efficiency, is to accompany the tourist in an immersion in the spirit and soul of Milan, its architecture and its iconic places, telling anecdotes and facets through audio guides specially created in 11 different languages, to which are added three commentaries for children.
Tourists can choose to visit the city by observing it from above, on two different routes, the Fashion Design and Leisure line, lasting 1h50 minutes, and the Highlights line, lasting 45 minutes. Having identified the places of greatest interest, you can then disembark to visit them, then re-board the next ride to resume your itinerary. The service is offered in hop on hop off mode.
Our buses are pet friendly, so pets are welcome on board!
Milan Open Tour, for every ticket sold, donates 50 cents to Dynamo Camp, a non-profit organisation that works for the right to happiness of children with serious or chronic illnesses. Love is on the way!
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