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Civico Planetario “Ulrico Hoepli”
Main room capacity: 375 pax
Meeting rooms: 1
Venue type: Venue
The Planetarium is located inside the neoclassical building designed by architect Piero Portaluppi in the splendid setting of the Porta Venezia gardens.       
It has an octagonal shape, and the dimensions of the screening room (diameter of 19,6 metres) with a total of 375 seats make it the largest and the oldest one (1930) in Italy as well as one of the most renowned all over the world.
It has an intense didactic and educational activity focusing on astronomy and the related sciences. It hosts 120.000 visitors a year (schools and general public).
The instrument used today in the Planetarium, a Zeiss IV projector, was installed in 1968.
The audience is hosted in a circular 375-seat conference room (fixed, concentric chairs) and in a small atrium of about 50 square meters.
It is an ideal location for cultural as well as private events such as presentations, readings and in general for events with a significant scientific and cultural value.
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Exhibition Areas
Total area (sqm): -
Indoor area (sqm): 380
Outdoor area (sqm): -
Civico Planetario “Ulrico Hoepli”
Corso Venezia, 57
20121 Milano MI
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