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Museo Fratelli Cozzi
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The Fratelli Cozzi Museum, opened in October 2015, was born out of Pietro Cozzi's passion for the Alfa Romeo brand, a passion that has led him to collect since 1955, the year he founded the dealership of the same name, an example of each model produced by the Biscione, chosen from the limited series, the most performing or interesting set-up for collecting purposes.
Today the Museum collects over 60 cars, including in the collection 2 unique cars in the world and some very rare models.
In addition to the cars, the archive, the Cozzi.LAB, holds more than 300 original posters, thousands of photographs, brochures, owner's manuals, car and spare parts catalogs, repair manuals, trophies, art objects along with major magazines and books on the industry, and all the documents that testify to the business journey, sales and marketing techniques of the dealership that sold them.
There are many stories that the Museum tells and, among them, that of Pietro Cozzi: an entrepreneur who made his passion a profession, which he wanted to share with everyone through the Museum.
The Museum, designed by the Buratti architecture studio, has been published for its particular concept in many architecture and design magazines.
In late 2019, again the Buratti studio created a new area, the Red Room, dedicated to reception, lectures and digital consultation of the archive.
In fact, after two years of work that ended in October 2019, all of Cozzi.LAB's documents were cataloged and digitized by a professional archivist and now reside in a large database that can be consulted with dedicated software.
The museum has made part of this archive public through its publication on the website, with open and free access to interested users.
A member of the MuseImpresa network, MuseoCity and the Circuito Lombardo dei Musei del Design, in the 2019 Spring Days the Museum was was chosen by FAI among the 1100 Italian heritage properties open to the public, setting a record for number of visitors.
In 2021, ASI (Automotoclub Storico Italiano), ACI Storico and RIVS (Registro Italiano Veicoli Storici) affiliated the Museum with their prestigious associations, recognizing its institutional role in enhancing Italian and international motoring culture.
Since its inception, the Museum has also been the home of a nonprofit project dedicated to the enhancement of the female world, now in its 15th year: Woman In Power.
The Fratelli Cozzi Museum is a unique place and unique is the experience of having an event among these 60 cars that tell the story of 60 years of Made in Italy. 
A Plenary Hall of more than 1,000 square meters can accommodate more than 200 people in the auditorium or a lunch or gala dinner for more than 250 guests. The "Red Room" reception area can be customized, as can the outdoor and indoor exhibition area. Parking for 200 cars, with convenient direct street access, and state-of-the-art technology equipment add value to this truly exclusive space.
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