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Superstudio Più
Venue type: Congress Centre, Venue
Superstudio Più is a modern, multifunctional location, the largest private one just 1kw away from the center of the city; a very large space, created in 1999 to satisfy the growing demand from public and private companies in the field of design, fashion, communication and business and all the companies always looking for new event spaces, suitable to host highly customizable fairs, shows, presentations and meetings and to make them exclusive.
A location obtained from the renovation of a large industrial building, with 9 large rooms from 400 up to 2.600 sqm, flexible, dark or daylight, independent or connected, with air-conditioned, independent entrance and driveway. The perfect solution for events as conventions, fairs, fashion shows, art exhibitions or entertainment: in total they can reach 10.000 sqm of total space. The perfect space also for photo/video shooting needing a large set (furniture, fashion, cars, advertising) and any kind of need that requires a large, comfortable, easy to reach and set up location. Driveway in every room, and the possibility of parking trucks and heavy loads in the courtyards.
In all rooms, Wi-Fi connection and optical fiber, with 1 Gbps dedicated bandwidth, and new functionality.
Plenary room 1: Central Point, 2.600 sqm, 1800 seats; stage from 8x4 mt up to any measures.
Plenary room 2: Art Point, 900 sqm, 350/400 seats; stage from 6 x 4 mt up to 10 x 4mt.
Plenary room 3: Lounge, 400 sqm, 200/250 seats, stage 6 x 4mt.
Plenary room 4: Loft, 370 sqm, 120 seats
2.000 sqm of other exhibit spaces available in Daylight and Gallery
Gala dinner: from 100 seats up to 2.000 seats

Personnel: Cleanings, Fire Security, Security staff, Hostess and Steward, Electrical assistance, Venue Assistance, Reception,
Technical services: Entrance customization, Forklift with operator, Cherry picker with operator, Connectivity Implementation, residents’ trusses (only in Central Point), Paneling, dividers, Cloakroom, Furnishings, Parking
Communication services: Press and Social Media Office, Photographer, Video maker