Around Milan

Choosing Milan also means choosing all that surrounds it. An hour from Milan there are several opportunities for recreation. Many destinations to choose from to discover what the surrounding area of the capital of fashion and design has to offer.

Food and wine tours, a boat ride in one of the lakes north of Milan, the historic architecture of the cities just a few kilometers from the center of Milan are experiences not to be missed to complete your visit.

Lake Como
Traditionally a favoured spot of writers and artists, today this is a leading destination for the stars of stage and screen. A fascinating atmosphere combines beautiful countryside with a rich historic and artistic culture.
The High City is the ancient part of Bergamo, characterised by tiny winding streets filled with Renaissance palaces, medieval monuments and churches full of rich artistic treasure. Excellent restaurants and shops are housed in the city's historic buildings.
Certosa di Pavia
This monastic complex dates back to 1386 and is a true masterpiece of Gothic-Renaissance architecture. Inside the church are paintings from the leading Italian artists of the day, while the fa├žade is one of the most beautiful and unexpected in the country. The nearby city of Pavia has a delightful medieval and Renaissance quarter and one of Europe's oldest universities.
The city has an extraordinarily rich historic and artistic heritage. The Visconte-Sforza castle and piazza are a perfect model of fifteenth century urban architecture, among the most beautiful in Italy.
Surrounded by three different lakes Mantova boasts examples of Renaissance architectures like Palazzo Ducale and Palazzo Te commissioned by the Gonzaga family.
The city of Cremona surprises thanks to the architectures of the cathedral and the Torrazzo bell tower. The violin museum and its Stradivari collection are certainly worth of a visit.
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