Food Culture

The Italian food culture is known the world over to be healthy and delicious. Its many regional dishes are a joy to the palate of food connoiseurs and enthusiasts. Genuine and local ingredients are the key elements to the tastiness of the many options of the Peninsula food tradition.

Milan offers to its visitors plenty of opportunities to enjoy food in the hundreds of restaurants, bars and cafes of the city. The food experience is for sure enriched by the excellent level of service and the award winning interior design of the food outlets in the heart of Milan.

Milanese cuisine
When in Milan do not miss the chance to try what the Milanese cooking tradition has to offer. From risotto to the cotoletta this is what the Milanese people appreciate the most.
Cotoletta alla milanese
risotto allo zafferano
Italian cuisine
The many restaurants of the city offer food from every corner of Italy. From pizza to pasta, from fresh vegetables to fish and seafood don’t forget to enjoy a true Italian food experience.
Ethnic cuisine
Milan is a meltin pot that expresses itself also through the food culture. Japanese, Indian, Lebanese, Argentinian restaurants are just some examples of wha the scenario of the ethnic cuisine in Milan is about.
Wines in Milan
Milan the capital of the Lombardy region. An area also known for its vine varieties. Franciacorta, Moscato and Lambrusco are just some of the more than 40 varieties on the territory. Enjoy one of these wines while sitting in one of the restaurants in Milan.
Wines in the Lombardy Region
The aperitivo in not just a happy hour. It is a rite that the Milanese people take really seriously. Have a pre-dinner cocktail like a Spritz or Hugo while treating yourself to the all-you-can-eat buffet and enjoy some people watching on top of it!
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