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Extreme. In search of particles

From 13 July, a new exhibition opens visitors’ eyes to what makes the universe tick at the most fundamental level and how devices are used to track the most minuscule of events.

“Extreme. In search of particles” designed and produced by the Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology of Milan in partnership with CERN and INFN -the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics- unlocks some of the secrets behind particle physics research.

The interactive exhibition showcases a new video that demonstrates the handy tool used to probe matter at the smallest of scales in the universe, particle tracks, and how these led to one of the most significant discoveries of the century: the Higgs boson.

Eager visitors are transported into the past to discover experiments that marked the history of particle physics. They discover a prototype of Carlo Rubbia’s UA1 detector, the Delphi experiment’s Vertex detector and the University of Milan’s cloud chamber.

As they move through the exhibition, visitors accelerate back to the present to interact with installations on current research issues – such as the existence of dark matter – and learn about the detectors currently in use at CERN and INFN.

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