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Miart, art is back

Miart is back: the fair of international art takes place this weekend in Milan (8-11 April). 

Miart is a fair in which modern and contemporary art communicate constant references with explicit echoes; it affords a situation to grasp links between the past and present.

Miart is aiming to turn into a recipient of contexts, nurturing structures and varied experiences that connect the cultural and economic fabric of Milan to leading international organizations.

The sections of the fair and parallel events will be held with principal focus on the “crossing” of different disciplines, with the desire being to intercept the public from other areas.

The goal is to find a suitable area in the field of communication between knowledge and a place of “trade” that is also a place for a real cultural experience, based on the theory of “the Economics of Experiences,” in which the production of goods and services is no longer sufficient, and the “experiences” offered become the basis of value creation.

Learn how to join the event on miart.it


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