Two special events in Milan for MiCodmc

In the last two months MiCodmc managed two important major events in Milan.

Last September from 9 to 13, MiCodmc was the official housing bureau the ERS European Respiratory Society Congress.

With an outstanding team MiCodmc managed the hospitality for the 20,000 delegates, organised more than 130 night-time events over the week.

All evenings saw 10-15 contemporary events and dinners for groups of 5 to 100 delegates each. Luckily, Milan is capable of hosting great numbers of guests and can offer a wide variety of restaurants and stunning locations.

In October MiCodmc handled the organizational secretariat (logistic management for buyers, vips, journalists) for Host, the international hospitality exhibition that hosted 187.000 professional visitors.

MiCodmc managed the accommodation and transfers of about thousand buyers coming from 60 countries for a total of four thousand nights.

These two events were two important opportunities for the city of Milan both from the point of view of the hospitality and the economic drive for the city.

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