Superstudio, 2017: A Year To Remember

2017 was a whole race, a year full of new things, improvement and innovation. Superstudio aims more and more to be an attractive location for companies in the world of communication, technology, design and more, with large setups and scenographies that can best express themselves in the great spaces of Superstudio Più.

Finished to replace the indoor and outdoor lighting, with new LED headlights that have added a new brilliance to all environments, completing the total cabling of the spaces with optical fiber, which ensures stability to the connection (up to 800/1000 connections simultaneously are possible), renovated the furnishing park available at Superstudio for events with the purchase of special hooked chairs for conventions, we focus on the upcoming major events coming.

In fact, most of the approximately 70 events hosted at Superstudio in 2017, 65% had an audience of over 1000 people, thus defining the location as an ideal space for major international events.

One above all: the great European Cultural Forum 2017, just finished, which have had the presence of many international institutions including Ministers of Culture of the main European countries.

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