Tortona5 allestita

5 fabulous locations in the heart of Tortona District

The postindustrial atmosphere and the central position in the area are common features of the spaces Quattrocento, Loftino, Officina1 and Tortona5, different each other for square footage, ideal solutions to guess your events.

Are you looking for a location in the heart of Tortona district to organize your event? To present a new collection during the fashion week? Or to show your project for the design week? Here we go…Our network of locations, spread in the hotspots of the area, can offer you different solutions to meet your goals! We have selected different solutions, each of them unique and placed in strategic positions within the area.

Quattrocento: a wide location of 380 sqm, chosen over the last years for both scenographic events and very minimal settings up: the internal space allows both the choices with its postidustrial features and glamour.

Loftino: with its iconic shape as a little cottage, Loftino is a 70 sqm loft with a private courtyard placed in a strategic position at Via Tortona 31, within the Opificio 31. Plenty of personality and daylight illumination this cozy space will give a lot of charme to your events.

Officina1: how can roughness became chic and elegant? If you look at Officina1, you can find an answer: this former garage is now a white cube, with minimal features and postindustrial charm.

Tortona 5: a tiny location with a big potential! Tortona 5 is placed in a point of great passage along Via Tortona. The entrance is a big window that completely shows the inner space.

Carrozzeria: this location will makes you spoilt for choice… a versatile venue to realize every kind of expositive projects, 400sqm to be transformed as you wish in a strategic position of Tortona district.

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