5 venues in the heart of the design district

QUATTROCENTO: a former photostudio of 380 sqm in the heart of Tortona district.

This wide location of 380 sqm has been chosen over the last years for both scenographic events and very minimal settings up: the internal space allows both the choices with its postidustrial features and glamour.

Born as a photographic studio, the creativity has always inhabited here. This impressive location of 380 sqm is divided into two main connected spaces one of 220 sqm with a beautiful cyclo and another of 50sqm. What else? A Loft mezzanine, a small kitchen, a storage area, a ground floor bathroom and a small, lovely 32 sqm garden in the back are included. Very white and very bright! The visibility is a point of strength of Quattrocento, placed at the entrance of Opificio 31 at Via Tortona 31…the true epicentre of Tortola



LOFTINO: have you ever seen an expositive location shaped as a little house?

With its iconic shape as a little cottage, Loftino is a 70 sqm loft with a private courtyard placed in a strategic position at Via Tortona 31, within the Opificio 31. Plenty of personality and daylight illumination this cozy space will give a lot of charme to your events.

If you are looking for a unique location, different from the usual exhibition spaces, with special features and very cozy, Loftino is the right choice.

First, because it’s shaped as a little cottage, second, for its external private courtyard which allows outdoor events, third, for its strategic position and the great visibility, fourth, because it is perfect for any kind of setting up or installation.


OFFICINA1: no more manufacturing activities here but 96sqm of solutions for your expositive needs!

How can roughness became chic and elegant? If you look at Officina1, you can find an answer: this former garage is now a white cube, with minimal features and postindustrial charm.

Let’s transform Officina 1 as you want, every ideas can be realized here! 96 sqm plus 56 sqm of external area are pleased to be used as showroom or exhibition space and guest spectacular installations. Here, every kind of settings up are allowed and the great position is a plus! Officina 1 is located within Opificio 31 at Via Tortona 31, in the heart of Tortona disctrict.



TORTONA 5: a big window on Via Tortona  

Tiny location with a big potential: Tortona 5 is placed in a point of great passage along Via Tortona. The entrance is a big window that completely shows the inner space.

The dimensions of a location are not the only element to determine the success of a commercial activity: so Tortona 5, with its 50 sqm, is a perfect solution to guest a shop or a temporary one due to the big window that makes it plenty of visibility.  An underground atmosphere is in the air within the Tortona 5 with details and features that stress its urban attitude.

A wide storage in the basement belongs to the location which is placed near the iconic bridge of Porta Genova. The surrounding are vibrating with several companies and activities that make the area lively.


CARROZZERIA: let’s boost your imagination!

This location will makes you spoilt for choice… a versatile venue to realize every kind of expositive projects, 400sqm to be transformed as you wish in a strategic position of Tortona district.

Not only a location but a true communication tool with the external area and façade that can be personalized to promote your brand: those are some of the reason why during the last years The Carrozzeria has been chosen by international companies and first class brands to present their projects and events.

Carrozzeria is a 400 sqm postindustrial exhibition space, wide and bright, located in a strategic position right in the heart of the Tortona district, just footsteps away from the Porta Genova metro station.

A typical postindustrial architecture, a disused body shop that keeps a genuine industrial charm in its high ceiling with skylights that make the space full of daylight.

The space has a regular shape and features neutral finishings, to meet any aesthetic requirement. It also features a small loft-of-fice of approximately 40 sqm with annexed restroom.

A private alley foreruns the entrance of the Carrozzeria, which is partly shared with the neighbouring Torneria complex. Right before the door, a yard of 60 m2 is in exclusive use to the venue.

The outdoor space (about 60 m2) is a valuable solution to let people queue up before entering the exhibition, to set up a registration desk, to make an eye catching installation with top visibility from the street.


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