MiCo_ megawatt

Postindustrial location few minutes away from the centre

MegaWatt Court is a newly opened location, a large postindustrial warehouse of 9600 square metres extremely versatile and located in the lively Navigli area. Megawatt court is the ideal place for hosting big events, fashion shows and conventions.

Megawatt Court is set in an industrial complex with sombre and fascinating. 70s architecture. The ideal place for hosting big events, not only due to the size of the spaces but also for its particularly convenient position. The complex consists of a hangar of over 4000 sqm with majestic and perfectly conserved industrial architecture, a large warehouse, courtyard garden, an office block of approxi- mately 1500 sqm and large private car park.

This scenographic space is versatile, logistically convenient easy-to-reach and situated in Via Watt, a street that is currently undergoing complete transformation. The location has various facilities and service areas, making it extremely functional and suited to a wide variety of uses.
The exhibition hall (approx. 3400 sqm.) features a saw-tooth roof, which provides a diffused natural light; one bay of the space has a large industrial scaffold, a historic memento of the recent past of the mechanical components factory. At the end of the hall, a steel mezzanine floor, ideal for production and sound crews, dominates the space.

An internal passageway, useful for creating a backstage area during shows or fashion shows, connects the hangar to a three-storey office building of approximately 1500 sqm. divided into separate rooms and a large private carpark .A large, peaceful, courtyard garden of over 3.700 sqm, situated in a sheltered area off the main street, is the perfect backdrop for outdoor events.


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