Two important events for the Italian cultural world, literally born at Superstudio, are coming back soon.
In January, from the 19th to the 20th, the 3°  Salon of Culture, a panorama of what culture expresses in term of books, meetings, readings with authors, conferences, workshops and spaces for young people. Part of the event is dedicated to antiques and collectible book, including the occasion to find real opportunities for the happiness of the fans. For info:
From 24th (only by invitation) to 27th, the event that has changed the history of art fairs is back: Affordable Art Fair is a fair of art where contemporary artists are represented with piace of art that cost under € 6000 each. It’s possible to find evergreen artists and young talent to be discovered together in the same galleries, for the joy of a young audience (but not too much young) that can raise its awareness of the art world in a new way. For information

Sustainability. Superstudio continues on the road that leads the location towards a greater respect for the environment. After the replacement of all the lamps, now LED, with a significant saving on consumption, the change of air conditioning machines, now the most performing on the market, this month a large LED bright banner at the entrance will comes: it’ll allow customers not to waste time in assembly PVC banners, with inconvenient and difficult to dispose it, and will make the manage of the banner for an event faster and easier, saving the environment and time and money. And we do not forget that being sustainable is the real priority of our time.

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