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Best Brands 2016 – Awarding Ceremony

Once again, Studio Esse contributed to realize the Best Brands official awarding night, conceived by Serviceplan Group, this year at its 3rd edition.

The winners, four of the leader brands that with theirs strategic view gained market shared and won the hearts of italian people: Ferrero, Samsung, Huawei and Mulino Bianco. A new market search was added to the awarding, dedicated to the Best Millenials Brands, whith the purpose to evaluate the relationship with the so-called “Generation Y” and the product brands. The Innovation Award was presented to Mr. Dhiraj Mukharjee, co-founder of the Shazam app.

Cheering the atmosphere, the special guest Chiara Galiazzo, winner of the 6th edition of X-Factor Italy.

After the Rai Studios awarding, at the charming location Officine del Volo, it took place a “zero kilometers” dinner. From the renowned Joia restaurant, Chef Pietro Leemann provided a whole vegetarian menu, rich in colour and taste. A brand new sponsor brought vivacity to the table: Rossorapa, a brighting star in the organic farm area.

The whole night was carried out with the precious cooperation of the sophisticated Caffè Scala catering, the energizing Kimbo Caffè and the sparkling Mionetto sponsor.

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