Brunch at Le Biciclette Art Bar & Bistrot

Eggs, burgers, quinoa and much avocado with a Bloody Bike

Autumn brunch time.
The Art Bar & Bistrot Bikes, the first Art Bar in Milan, has always been on the ridge of the wave for 18 years, with the season changing on Sunday with the beloved BRUNCH.

That’s not a lunch, but the right evolution of breakfast and lunch, is not in a restaurant, because the Bikes seem to be home, not even in a meeting place, because you go with your friends and not to see who there is, is. Always in a very international atmosphere, in the name of relaxation.

A classic buffet BRUNCH, in addition to evergreens like Tuna Calf, Sea salad with julienne of vegetables or Rice salad Venus to the Greek, has made way a lively green trend: the novelty of this season the presence of quinoa and avocado, both super food sempe more than trendy.

The new proposals of 2017 are the Quinoa Salad with avocado, cucumber, celery, roasted apple and almonds (also vegan), the delicious Quinoa croquettes with potatoes in green parsley sauce and green pepper) and the fresh Salad of Avocado and Shrimp, which combines fish and vegetables.

On the paper, however, are ordered the Hamburgers (Classic, Cheese, Chicken and Green Burger with Seitan as a vegetarian proposal) with chips; and the unmistakable Eggs in Strapazzate versions, Fritte with bacon, Benedict with Dutch sauce and Montecristo (a toast filled with egg and fried).

To accompany American coffee at will and for those who have to recover from the previous evening, bartender Alessio, 9 years in service behind the counter suggests ordering a Bloody Bike, twist on Bloody Mary that to the vodka blends a few drops of Tio Pepe, liqueur wine spiced, served in a glass of glass that reproduces the peeled tin and a delicate top of celery foam.

On the mosaic tables, set with a funny placemat paper-drawn, the fabric towel is wrapped in the “Bracelet of Bicycles“, wrist bracelet in woven fabric to wrist as a souvenir of a good time – brunch clock – shared among friends.

The idea of ​​home and relaxation is underlined by the spaces (once belonged to a bicycle retailer, which was part of the metal-covered counter), warmed up by wood furnishings and Christmas lights all year round “Because Bicycles are always a party,” says Ugo Fava, his creator, with selected pieces ranging from bicycle rays tailored to the sofas and armchairs covered with artisanal jeans, without forgetting the works of art exhibited from time to time in temporary exhibitions

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