Chasing pavements

The industrial space of Superstudio Più owes its particularity to the intelligent renovation that has maintained some of the characteristics of the original building, born in the ’40s, and kept intact up to the present day.

One of these peculiarities, the paving in red grit tiles present throughout the central rooms of the location, periodically repainted in light gray, will be finally replaced with a quartz cement always in that point of light gray that has made the essential image of the space.

A titanic work to be carried out during the summer, which will avoid the customers of Superstudio laying moquettes, disposable material to be disposed of, moving to a surface that is easy to clean, homogeneous and new. A brilliant, new touch that redefines the venue, giving an undeniable “charme.

Perfect for trade shows, exhibitions, forums but also for innovative digital events that require speed and functionality. And, as in the famous Adele song… “we’re chasing pavements”!

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