Claudio Sadler: Tradition&Innovation

Rules and creativeness meet with strenght of traditions. His creative and attentive style is based on the traditions of classic regional italian cuisine, which he continuously reinvents according to his expertise and personality. Likewise, he enjoys finding new ways to keep in touch with the latest novelty in cooking equipment.

Claudio Sadler opens his first restaurant, “Locanda Vecchia Pavia” in 1982 in Pavia and at the same time, in the summer, manages the “Vela Blu” restaurant in Portisco in Costa Smeralda, Sardinia. In 1986, he opens the “Osteria di porta cicca” restaurant in Milan, where he gets his first Michelin star. In 1995, the restaurant is moved to via Troilo, in Milan. Claudio Sadler will remain here for 11 years until 2002 when he gets his second Michelin star. Claudio Sadler brings Italian culture in the East, firstly in Japan and secondly, in 2008, to China: two restaurants with Sadler’s name have since been opened in Tokyo and in Beijing. In 2007, after spending most of his career working on the Navigli, Claudio Sadler moved his restaurant to Via Ascanio Sforza 77. His new restaurant, the “Sadler”, is built beside a second restaurant, “Chic’n Quick”, a “Trattoria moderna”,which offers a more informal and faster catering although in Sadler’s style.

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