IEO for Women 2018: a happening of sharing and listening for patients

“To let a woman survive a breast cancer is not enough today; we have to make her come back to life”. This is the challenge hurled by the European Institute of Oncology during the eleventh edition of IEO for Women, the first and only event in Italy dedicated to listening to patients, beyond hospital’s walls.

MZ Congressi, once again, has supported IEO for the organization of the event.


This meeting involved over time more than 10,000 women from all over the country and represented a laboratory-observatory for patients’ needs and the guidelines of new therapies. At the same time, it has also become a moment of celebration, thanks to the positive energy of the attendees and the presence of guests who have been able to give intelligent cheerfulness, such as the Italian actresses Monica Guerritore, Carla Signoris and Lella Costa, or TV celebrities like Mara Maionchi and Fabio De Luigi.

Since the first edition of this great event, MZ Congressi and the IEO have been working in close collaboration for the success of the initiative, founded on a specific theme every year. On this occasion it was decided to talk about the relationship between social networks and patients.

A pilot survey, conducted by IEO on a sample of 1,000 patient members of IEO for Women, reveals that about 47% of them uses social networks to share the disease and 36% belongs to a dedicated Facebook group. However, when asked if social networks have improved their experience, the answer was not unanimously positive. For some patients, on the contrary, they are a source of confusion and anxiety.

The setting that has hosted the last three editions of the initiative is Teatro Manzoni, a historic Milanese cultural venue, in perfect harmony with the spirit of the event. In addition to the IEO-CCM Foundation, always participating to these initiatives, there were also selected exhibitors, sensitive to the mission of IEO for Women.

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