Inauguration of the exhibition “Los Mundos que me habitan”

LE BICICLETTE Art Bar + Bistrot

Tuesday 03 July 2018

from 7 p.m.  

Los Mundos que me habitan

Kaya is an up and coming artist born in Buenos Aires where she began to attend drawing classes since she was very young.

Her impossible perspectives, meticulous details, endless shapes melting into each other seem to lead back to Escher, the famous Dutch artist who only unconsciously inspires Kaya. Just like Escher, the Argentinian illustrator leads you to start a visionary journey to the edges of an inner space, deep in a cranny which only exists in her (your) mind, her (your) bowels, her (your) most hidden WORLD. That is the world Kaya progressively brings out representing first a chaos made of Aboriginal signs and geometric shapes and then a chaos living in other beings absorbed by the first chaos. A Chaos that becomes Khaos.

Le biciclette Art Bar + Bistrot

Via Torti angolo Corso Genova – Milano

tel 02 58104325 / 02 8394177



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