Milan celebrates the 500th anniversary of Leonardo

Of all the cities Leonardo da Vinci lived in, he spent more time in Milan than in any other: a bond which lasted for about twenty years, while Leonardo was exploring all fields of knowledge and was able to offer the best of his creative ability.

Many are the traces of Leonardo’s activity in Milan, countless the suggestions and intangible legacies that he left: from the Last Supper in the Santa Maria delle Grazie refectory to the navigation system of the Lombardy Navigli, from the “Portrait of a Musician” to the pictorial invention of the Sala delle Asse in the Castello Sforzesco, which will be extraordinarily re-opened to the public on May 2, 2019, after a long period of study and restoration, exactly 500 years after Leonardo’s death.

Milan honours this anniversary, and it does so with a “Milano and Leonardo 500”, a programme of events lasting until January 2020 and involving institutions, foundations, museums, cultural spaces with exhibitions, multimedia paths, shows. Moreover, tourist itineraries will give visitors the opportunity to enter the world of Leonardo following the steps of his genial research.

Visiting Milan in 2019 will mean getting acquainted with a city that is aware of its long history but at the same time focused on the future and increasingly attractive to talented people from all over the world. Just like in Leonardo’s time, when Milan was a breeding ground for all that would become cutting-edge – and then contemporary, – in the fields of art, science, architecture and even fashion.

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