Le Biciclette Art Bar+Bistrot resized

The Milanese burgers and a dedicated cocktail

Protagonists:the Milanese burgers and a dedicated cocktail. Where do we eat late tonight?

Always, but not everyone knows that, in Bistrot Bar & Bicycles Art, first Art Bar in Milan for 18 years ahead of the curve, you eat late, until midnight on weekdays, one on Friday and Saturday.

The setting is informal, as is the restaurant, which has more homely atmosphere than those of a meeting place.

The protagonist of the food proposed the fun (and good) El Gran Burgher de Milan, a Luganega burger with Gorgonzola, leaf Cabbage blanched, onion finely chopped and bleached and Horseradish Cream, in more traditional Milanese bread: the michetta, made do specifically for the bikes, and accompanied by irresistible baked chips.

In addition to the classic wine and beer, why burgers Alexy barman studied an unusual combination creates a cocktail all day translated into Milanese dialect Tutt’el day, a cool mix gin, ginger liqueur, honey and lemon juice.

The idea of ​​home and relaxation that reigns in the room is emphasized by the spaces (which once belonged to a retailer of bicycle parts of which belonged to the counter-coated wire mesh), warmed by the wood of the furniture and the Christmas lights present all year ( “Why Bicycles is a continual feast!” – says Ugo Fava its creator), with selected pieces ranging from lamps with bicycle spokes made to tailor the sofas and armchairs covered with handmade personnel jeans, not to mention the works of art on display from time to time in temporary exhibitions, and the ability to read Italian and international newspapers.

Le Biciclette Art Bar & Bistrot is a project 100% Ugo Fava
Via Torti 2 Milano – Tel. 02 5810 4325

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