More sustainable than ever!

Caring for the environment, attention to sustainability, an ethical approach to work are increasingly an important part of the world of events.  Superstudio Events has always invested in green improvements about how to “create” events, to lower our “footprint” on the planet and helping to make it better.So, we are proud for our new electricity supplier that satisfies our standard of green research.


From 1st of January 2019, thanks to the agreement with A2A, the large venues of Superstudio Più will use electricity coming 100% from renewable sources. In particular, it will be supplied with wind, solar, geothermal, wave, hydraulic, biomass, landfill gas and biogas.
This green choice is in addition to the others already taken, such as the LED lighting that covers the entire exhibition area and outdoor spaces, the ultra-efficient air-conditioning systems just opened and the digital monitoring system of electricity consumption, which allow us to project ourselves in a greener future.

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