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New Executive Chef at Litta Palace Hotel

33 years old, Apulian roots contaminated by educational travels around the world, eclectic, curious and sensitive personality. Pietro Paolo Bevilacqua explores Italy, the Middle East and the sea. He enters in the brigade of Giancarlo Morelli and then, last September, he arrives at the Ninfeo Restaurant of Litta Palace Hotel. The refined and dynamic setting of the hotel is an ideal environment to gather new ideas and propose its cuisine based on love and respect for raw materials.
Let’s get to know him better through these six questions.

Litta Palace
What is the best dish you have not made yet?
I suppose it is a ravioli made of rice dough filled with turnip greens, anchovy tartare and black garlic ointment.

What are your must-have ingredients?
Evo Oil and seasonal vegetables, my origins do not lie!

The autumn-winter card at the Litta Palace: the unmissable.
Porcino mushroom, pumpkin, chestnuts, truffles, octopus, savoy cabbage, black garlic.

Your business lunch philosophy.
A moment of the day focused on relaxation, the guest must feel comforted by our care. Is there a better cuddle than a good conversation with a delicious dish?

Three reasons to choose your cuisine at the Ninfeo for a business event.
Excellence in raw materials, high quality hospitality and service, perfect location.

What Christmas will be like at the Litta Palace?
Time to reunite with loved ones who share work, friendship, family. It should never miss a good capon raviolo with mushroom soup … a dish that even warms the soul.

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