A new identity, three new ways of living the hotel: UNA Esperienze, UNAHOTELS and UNAWAY

Gruppo UNA, Italy’s largest hotel chain, unveiled its new brand identity and corporate website
With over 5,000 rooms and 40 Urban Hotels, Resorts and Aparthotels across Italy, the brand new name in Italian hospitality combines a solid heritage with a genuinely Italian welcoming attitude. Today Gruppo UNA introduces three new collections designed to offer increasingly personalized services to constantly evolving customers: UNA Esperienze, UNAHOTELS and UNAWAY.
Three new ways of living the hotel and the bond with the destination; three new ways of meeting expectations and wishes of different kinds of travellers; one genuinely Italian blend of emotions, traditions, energy, flavours and ways of being and living.

Gruppo Una
Experience is the essence of Gruppo UNA; memorable moments that the brand wants to give its guests, characterised by positive energy and experiencing the most wonderful and sincere Italian way of life to the full. Gruppo UNA promises to give guests lasting memories, thanks to its role as a point of reference in the Italian hotel sector that stands apart for its style, service and identity.
Warmth and attention to guests’ needs are reflected in the meticulous, genuinely Italian welcome in keeping with the highest quality standards.
Gruppo UNA is warm, compassionate and genuine, in the sense of unique and sincere. Its Italian surroundings are an integral part of it and its distinguishing feature is a real joie de vivre.
A new group website. Find out more at

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