A new philosophy, a new digital platform at Milan Marriott Hotel

We know that people that are gathered for a training session have different needs than those gathered for a networking event. This is the philosophy behind Meetings Imagined.
The way people work is changing, and Marriott is transforming meeting experiences with engaging technology, flexible workspace to inspire collaboration, and creative solution for meeting planners.

A new philosophy, a new digital platform, a new style and we call it: Meetings Imagined. We are talking about a differentiated approach for selling & planning based on the meeting purpose.
One of the most peculiar aspects of Meetings Imagined tool is its emphasis on purpose. Every meeting has one of the following purposes:

Celebrate, Decide, Educate, Ideate, Network, Produce and Promote.
Meetings Imagined allows you to sort inspiration by the purpose of your meeting—an incredibly helpful feature.

Each one of these solutions will make your experience at Milan Marriott unique. You will only need to choose the typology of event in order to find out the best solution immediately.
We are always willing to help you and make your events successful by suggesting new ideas that might fits your expectations.
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