Not only PCO

The operational management of a company or a scientific association is not a simple undertaking. It requires dedicated personnel and infrastructures, with the evident risk of having to divert resources from the pursuit of the main cultural and academic objectives, envisaged by the statute. For this reason, MZ International Group, with a thirty-year experience both as PCO and as AMC – in other words Association Management Company – has a business unit specifically dedicated to the world of associations.

MZ Associations boasts a staff of ten people working full time on secretariat, communications management and treasury activities on behalf of the partner associations: an experienced and highly qualified work team, who follows – every day and in a personalized way – many medical and scientific companies in the associative field, both national and international, accompanying them everywhere in the world during meetings and conferences and thus guaranteeing a full continuity of service and top level professionalism.

Management of the membership database and registration fees, periodic communications, relations with sponsors – with whom MZ maintains consolidated relationships also as a PCO – the delicate duties of treasury, administration and tax planning, consulting services on procedures related to the association status, support in the process for the recognition of juridical personality: these are just some of the many advantages offered by the Milanese agency to the firms of the medical and scientific world.

The Milan offices of the MZ Group are today home to fourteen associations, which have here their mail address and their contact centre with members, companies and suppliers. The same spaces – modern, functional and equipped with all the latest technologies – are also available to partner associations, as official headquarters for meetings and board of directors’ gatherings.

Applying to a qualified AMC is therefore an undeniable benefit, ensuring both a great saving of time, resources and fixed costs, and the certainty of being able to count on a competent and trained work team, updated on all the latest medical and scientific trends. For this reason, MZ Group is more and more a solid point of reference for all associations looking for a partner to rely on with their eyes shut.

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