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Park Hyatt Milan Shakes Up the Art of Mixology Oscar Quagliarini’s MIO Lab Opens Its Doors

Now that the Milan aperitif scene has decisively transformed into an institution marked by fine drinking and trendy hot stops, the focus is now on the (r)evolution of the glass instead of the plate.

MIO Lab has a distinct focus on drink culture It was only a matter of time for the new direction to take hold and finally allure to Milan the international bartending champion, Oscar Quagliarini.

At Mio Lab, Oscar Quagliarini brought a complete takeover, concentrated with less aesthetics, but intensive ambience and desire to recount a compelling story with each serving. How does one combine consistency and quality with lightness and fun in a sophisticated setting like the Park Hyatt bar? Quagliarini strikes the perfect balance and synergy: Tarots.  

Inspired by the ancient tarots, Quagliarini reinvents MIO Lab’s innovative cocktail list into a pack of playing cards that each guest goes over to uncover their destined drink. The fun gets started with the “mystical” interpretations of the tarot cards, beautifully designed by the cartoonist, Sergio Gerasi, who combines traditional iconography with hints that refer to the history and ingredients of each and every unique cocktail.

MIO Lab offers a lavish selection of unique and refined cocktails, each represented by a tarot figure, such as the “Il Matto” (Helsinky Gin, Palent rose liqueur, lime and champagne); the “La Papessa” (vodka, pomegranate juice, lime, Giffard triple sec, lemon velvet and Giffard ginger) and the “L’Eremita” (Tanqueray Gin nuts, tobacco infusion, aged Samperi, my Sherry, drops of ponzu sauce, and honey) … just to name a few!

Of course, MIO Lab never neglects the classics and always has available only the highest quality liquors and spirits.

In its new dimension, MIO Lab is ready to welcome customers in a vibrant and informal atmosphere, which in the warm season extends out into the lush Dehors overlooking the glorious Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.


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