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QR code and PIPO: how we save paper, staff and stress

Guests are the key to the event. It is for them that MZ Congressi is constantly looking for improvement, from the organizational phases to the direct contact on site.  Manage their flows and their data, check performances, print certificates and invitations; these are all unavoidable activities but they cost a fortune!
On the contrary by connecting the use of the PIPO device and the Qr Code technology, we can save time and lots of stress! If you think it’s a good idea to save money, let’s briefly explain how it works.

QR code: what it is

The QR Code is a type of two-dimensional code. It is used to store information and it is easily read by any device, equipped with a camera.

It can be imagined as a virtual link between the paper world and the digital world. It is a simple and low-cost implementation technology and has got many fields of application.

The possibilities of using QR Codes are theoretically unlimited because in a QR-Code you can insert different types of contents and recall any kind of multimedia useful information.

It is an original and functional way to communicate in a dynamic and participatory way even when you are forced to the immobility of small spaces or limited by time.

PIPO device: its characteristics

PIPO is a hybrid device that combines the appearance of a classic tablet and the features of a fixed mini PC. It allows the use of content and software both by employees and participants.

Its high technical characteristics, as well as the easy transport and handling, let it certainly be more preferred than other more expensive and cumbersome solutions.

Which are the real potentials of this combined system?

  • managing flows of people and information before, during and after the event, allowing you to “study” participants
  • quicker registration of the attendees, saving time, staff and money
  • generate customised badges in one click and be able to print them at any time
  • check in real time the actual event performances, online registrations and attendance
  • print the certificates of attendance with a simple click, saying goodbye to endless queues

How do these two systems communicate with each other?

This is a portable code scanner to be connected to the PIPO device. It is easy to use and, through the detection of codes, provides information and communications in real time.

The reading devices can be used without requiring special technical infrastructures; they are small, light and fit in a suitcase.

Our evaluations

Even if this system owns many pros, the initial investment is certainly to be assessed, even if generally completely affordable, as well as easily amortizable in a short time.

The key reason why we decided to undertake this step is to offer every participant an innovative experience that will make it easier for him to work.

In a world where “to be updated” is becoming more and more crucial, it’s important to always try to ensure a modern and state-of-the-art offer, able to take full advantage of the current technologies and help us to solve the small problems we face every day.

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