Radisson maggio SOS Villaggi

Radisson Blu Milan for Planet and for People

In Radisson Blu hotels we care not only about our guests but also about the people out of our walls and especially about the nature that surrounds us.

Within the brand’s varied and widely embracing Responsible Business programs we constantly initiate new and vital activities. Radisson Blu Hotel in Milan in no stranger to these projects and has lately embarked on a couple of new ones.

The hotel has recently gone green by installing solar energy panels that we believe will help increase our self-sustainability and reduce the impact we put on the nature. The system is estimated to produce an impressive 55,900 kWh of renewable electricity annually. It will displace over 490 tons of carbon dioxide in 25 years, which is the equivalent of planting over 2000 trees.

By producing our own renewable energy we hope to gradually pass to a clean and green source of energy and take a better care both of our guests and particularly of the environment.

Besides paying attention to the issues of environment, we are also attentive of the needs of all the communities.

The Radisson Hotel Group currently support SOS Children’s Village, which is one of the largest NGOs that assists building loving families and homes for orphaned, abandoned, or other vulnerable children. Radisson Blu Hotel in Milan has chosen to invest into the project in order to provide secure and permanent home to the children in one of the NGO’s operating countries.

And we are sure that the life changing experience we can bring to these kids is the best inspiration for us to move forward and do even more.

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