The rise of Bleisure and Bizcation: Milan and its opportunities

The Bleisure and the Bizcation are two kinds of travel that combine business with pleasure which are definitely making people change their habits and criteria when choosing their travels’ destinations.

This concept of travel is constantly expanding and MZ Congressi has been working to offer innovative solutions for this kind of event in a city like Milan that has a lot to offer, especially in this season.

Beisure (Business + Leisure) is a formula that combines a business trip with entertainment and sightseeing.

The Bizcation (Business + Vacation) instead, mixes a business trip with a real holiday that allows you to discover the country or the place where you are staying.

The distance between cities of departure and arrival plays a crucial role. In fact the psychological element intervenes; the opportunity to visit new places where you will not come back so easily.

The winter season in a metropolis like Milan means gift fairs and markets where you can discover Italian craftsmanship and typical products; it’s also a perfect opportunity to go in search of some unusual and special presents to buy for family and friends. In these special places you can also let yourself be overwhelmed by the magical atmosphere that only certain periods of the year can create.

The month of December, in particular, is full of events of all kinds; exhibitions from Caravaggio to Kuniyoshi, from Che Guevara to Toulouse-Lautrec, from NASA to Klimt; theater shows for children and adults, Christmas villages, open-air street markets, skating rinks, floating theatres, special museums openings, theatrical reviews and concerts.

MZ’s recipe for the success of a Bleisure event is to always create a valuable experience, blending the perfect mixture of business and pleasure for their clients and their personal interests.

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