SinaDeLaVille Mico

Sina De La Ville: discover a unique experience for your business!

Renamed “the good drawing-room”, at the Sina De La Ville you can meet people from the fashion industry, artists and entrepreneurs from all over the world, thanks also to its s strategic position between the Duomo, La Scala and Via Montenapoleone.

In this city where everyone is busy pursuing their dreams, let us help you towards your goal by looking after you in one exclusive brand-new service that the hotel is proud to offer to his clients: Cycl-E Around, the innovative App&Bike service designed by Pirelli and now available at Sina Hotels as the only ones in Milan to offer it.

Planning a small event? Add a unique touch to your stay at Sina De La Ville, explore extraordinary places easily and turn a bike ride into an unforgettable experience!

Very special rates for the upcoming months of October and November.
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