Studio Esse, convention and gala dinner Guy Hoquet

Guy Hoquet,  well-known French Real Estate franchise Company with branches throughout all the Europe, entrusted Soleidad Agency with the organization of its annual award convention held in Milan on 21st and 22nd of May, with more than a thousand parecipants attending.

Studio Esse, in partnership with the French agency, has actively contributed to the realization of the event by organizing the entire logistics, starting from hotel accomodations, transfers, guided tours, catering services, support staff, municipal police escort service and more then 21 coaches.

The convention was held at the East End Studios, while for the  Gala dinners were choosen a prestigious venues such as the Naval Pavilion of the Museum of Science and Technology and at the famous Alcatraz discotheque.

The Gala evening, held at the Museum of Science and dedicated exclusively to the managers of the company, was precided by an exclusive tour on the historic trams and by a choreographic performance of “La Chiarella” flag vawers.

As a Grand Finale, our guests,escorted by 16 agents of the Milan Local Police Corps, completed the convention with a Gala Dinner in the well-known dicotheque Alcatraz. Upon arrival, over 1100 guests were presented a stunning venue, where under a striking Guy Hoquet blu colour, the decor had been created and finished to the finest detail.

Live music performed by  U.K. band Killer Queen who delivered a dazzling re-creation of a Queen concert led by a singer Patrick Myers.

The Northern Lights, a powerful vocal trio composed of voices, saxophone and electric violin, made this glamorous party unforgettable.

Everybody danced the night away while having a truly amazing  time!

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