Terrazza Triennale Mico

Summer in Terrazza Triennale

The refurbishment of the original Triennale Terrace, designed by Giovanni Muzio in 1933, led to the creation of Terrazza Triennale – Osteria con Vista opened for EXPO 2015. Now, with the explosion of SUMMER, it is set to be again the top location to go out in town. The bar and restaurant look onto the Milanese skyline with traditional features like Castello Sforzesco united with the futuristic Porta Nuova skyscrapers by Parco Sempione, the city’s green lung.

LOCATION – The glass pavilion can be opened fully on all sides. It is covered by a 400 sqm canopy which makes it bioclimatic conservatory suspended above the park, plus a lightweight steel structure drawing on the ideas of original architect Muzio. It gives life to a contemporary, international location. Undoubtedly, the key protagonists remain the unparalleled view and the excellent Italian cuisine in the form of a modern hostelry.  It is open all day with dinner served even after 11pm and snacks are available in the afternoon when the Terrazza is transformed into a meeting place with free wi-fi.

FOOD & COCKTAILS – The restaurant has an island kitchen situated among the tables and a new menu by chef Stefano Cerveni proposes classic Italian dishes with a modern touch and lots of vegetables. Some examples of his menu are: “Smoked Asparagus Soup, candied orange and cod”, “Mediterranean stuffed squid” or “Trenette with Genoan Pesto”.  Meanwhile, at the café on the ground floor and in the Garden, pizzas and focacce by Christian Marasco and Stefano Cerveni are baked freshly at lunch time.

Terrazza Triennale Mico


Terrazza Triennale – Osteria con Vista is a project by Ugo Fava with Stefano Cerveni

Viale Emilio Alemagna, 6 – 20121 Milan, Tel. 02.36644340

www.osteriaconvista.it, info@terrazzatriennale.org


Opening Hours 11.30 – 0.30, Mondays only dinner. Average price: 25 Euro for lunch, 50 Euro for dinner (drinks excluded), Cocktails  14 Euro


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