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Superstudio Goes Digital!

If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.  (Isaac Newton)

Great challenge Superstudio has faced in the last few months: competing with the greatest European and world locations, where the production in the field of events for companies and institutions has reached interesting business volumes.

To meet the challenge, it is necessary to improve and improve, to see far away, to make decisions that are geared towards the future, but that are practical in the immediate.

So, let’s go on with some special improvements:

fiber optic cable that runs the entire Superstudio, in particular in the 10,000 square meters of exhibition spaces, with high-speed connection that allows to connect up to 1000 people at the same time and to have dedicated IPs

over 150 LED lamps that illuminate every room, creating a new, brilliant effect that is highly appreciated for those who must see and work.

a surveillance system of 20 4k video cameras positioned in the spaces that covers all the exhibition areas, internal and external, for a better safety.

But the most performing innovation regards the new permament  LEDwall located at the main entrance, a super-bright LED panel, which projects writings, images and even videos, giving customers more visibility. Superstudio goes digital and continues its journey in the domain of innovation.

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