July, always open!

This year, Superstudio Events is working to keep the venue open also during summer.

Unlike in previous year, July is a very interesting month with an increasing number of requests for summer and business parties, show and meeting: clear proof of Milan’s supremacy in event industry and one of the top tourist destinations, also international.

Superstudio is a venue with a lot to offer: the green relaxing Art Garden, a refreshing point shaded by secular trees, that have now reached the age of half a century, and can be dressed with white seats and, in case of sun, some veils protection. The surface of about 1.200 sqm is characterized by Flavio Lucchini’s big iron and steel sculptures. It can be used for outdoor events, especially big parties up to 400 people. The venue has toilettes and indipendent electric panel.

Another point of attraction is Roof top, a large terrace of 700 square meters on the roof of the Art Point, that has become the first large urban garden in Milan: it’s a spectacular green garden on the third floor, and hosts the permanent land art work “Third Paradise” by Michelangelo Pistoletto. It is a unique space for events, filming, parties, set-ups, conferences and presentations, easily accessible by a lift. A space that can be well customized and a great suggestive area.

In total, ten events confirmed during this sunny July will enjoy the amazing position of Superstudio’s green and relaxing spaces: the result of a hard work, made of, innovation, optimization and communication.


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